California Gold Coast Thunderbird Club

Farewell Letter from Jerry & Charlotte Lucero

Dear Goldcoast T-Birders,

Twenty-four years!  Where did all that time go?

About 1997 (or was it ’98?)  a man saw our T-Bird parked by our house in Ventura and stopped to invite us to a T-Bird meeting.  The man was Bud Parker and he was the club President.  We went to a meeting at the Sports Bar across from the Paseo movie theater in Camarillo.  Everyone talked about the editor and said they would tell him to put it in the Wave.  He wasn’t at the meeting because he had another commitment they told us.  Finally, after about four meetings “he” showed up and we met Otis.  The next thing we discovered was that within a few months of joining, something called “a Quint” was happening in Buelton.  Also, there was talk that the Santa Barbara club was the host but we had to help them because they were disbanding or something.  So we ended up going to Buelton on a Friday evening in June.  And on Saturday they stuck me in the parking lot of Pea Soup Andersons with a bag of playing cards and said when a car drives up, have them take a card before they head out on the poker run.  (I didn’t have a clue as to what a “poker run” was.)  I don’t know where they put Jerry.  Soon, I was standing alone in an empty parking lot.  We went to the banquet that evening and they handed out a lot of trophies and awards that everyone got excited about.  On Sunday we headed home.

Monthly meetings resumed and no one mentioned the word, “Quint” for awhile.  We went on “outings” occasionally.  A big one was to the Napa Valley.  We took a lunch ride on the “Wine Train”.  Everyone said you could buy the wine we tasted at the wineries for half the price at the Costco nearby.  So one evening that’s what people did and everyone went to Doug & Toni’s motel room to drink wine.  

Soon it was time for our club to host a “Quint” again.  It was a Mardi Gras theme.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.  (Since I was working days, we didn’t go to every Quint.  If we did we’d leave after work on Fri. – so missed the Thurs. or Friday activities.)  We went to Marina Del Rey many July’s for the boat and car show and the weather was always nice.  (The Sunday traffic on PCH not always so nice.)

People came and went in the club.  There were marriages and deaths and moves and the birth of grandkids.  One memorable meeting the gentlemen discussed the merits and pitfalls of Coker tires for over a half hour.  (I thought only Goodyear, Goodrich, Michelin, and maybe Sears made tires --- Little did I know!)  I think Barbara and George were at that meeting that night.  Within the last year, I saw a Coker tires ad on T.V., Déjà vu!

The meeting places changed but were usually in Camarillo.  The day of the week we met changed too but the Wave was a constant (and so was the editor!).

And so dear T-Birders we bid you all adieu and request you take a road trip to Las Vegas.  We promise we’ll find a meeting place.  We’ll even bring the little blue Bird (Bob made) and place it on the meeting table.


Charlotte & Jerry Lucero

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  1. Jerry an Charlotte.

    We have had a great time knowing you and participating with you in meetings and club events. Your continued efforts over the years of being actively involved members has been very rewarding for your co members. Your leadership in setting up runs and being on the board of directors has been a great asset to our club.

    Enjoy your new home in Las Vegas and we look forward to getting together in the future.

    Eric & Thelma

  2. Sounds good

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